Save Your Retail Business From Extinction

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Save Your Retail Business From Extinction

Today Dan Holman, founder of the Wealthy Retailer and Management One partner, joins us for how to Save Your Retail Business From Extinction. Dan has 25 years of experience in the retail and service industries and is here today to share his wealth of knowledge in these areas. The retail business as a whole is shifting, and the most important thing to remember is adaptation prevents extinction. He goes over actions you can take in your business that will help you seize the opportunities at hand and share the attributes that will help you grow a successful retail business. There is a global economic crisis amongst us, tune in to hear the helpful advice on keeping your business strong. 

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Main Points:

1. Adaption prevents extinction. It’s time to get creative and nimble with your business, take this time to discover new ways to sell to your customers.

2. Base your decisions on your data. Numbers don’t lie! What is working for your business right now and what isn’t. 

3. What is your final “destination”? Think about the main goal you are striving to achieve, we often get caught up and forget what we are trying to achieve. 

Save Your Retail Business From Extinction

Favorite Quotes:

“The most successful retailers every decision that they make comes from numbers it is the substantiated truth in every business.” -Dan 

“Customers do not care about how much something costs, they care about the value of something.”-Dan 

“Learn how to adapt except this new normal is and recognize that the decisions you are making today will need to be changed tomorrow and that’s okay.”-Dan

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Original Air Date: Marth 31st, 2020
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