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The Boutique Hot List: July 2017

It’s Boutique Hot List time again, and we’re just going to give it to you straight–girl, this month is on fire. Typically in the world of fashion, July is a pretty calm month because it’s at the tail end of the summer style season; but this month is completely different. July has really stepped up her game this year, and new pieces and trends are crawling out of the woodwork! Trend-wise this month, we’re seeing lots of ruffle tops, vertical stripes, gauchos, two-piece sets, destroyed tees, frayed hems, and bandanas. We love that each of these trends is so versatile, and many can be paired together for a super chic outfit. If you’re not into the trendy stuff, don’t fret; we have a good selection of summer closet staples you can choose from, as well!

So how to we find all these goodies?! Well, we pour through more than 7,000 Instagram accounts to bring you the best of what’s to come for boutique fashion, and let’s just say, it’s no easy feat. By the time we’re done, we’re cross-eyed, blinded by the world’s best fashions, and wanting to do a complete makeover on our personal closets.

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve found, 100+ pieces of absolutely awesome! Ladies, get those debit cards ready, set, SHOP!

We’re so in love with what we saw, we couldn’t pick a favorite–could you? If so, drop us a line in the comments and tell us which looks you’re loving…and which looks you’ve already snagged!

Next month’s Boutique Hot List is on schedule to bring the first pieces of our favorite fashion season, fall! We know you ladies love fall fashions just as much as we do, so we can’t wait to show you what’s in store! In the meantime, you can shop our favorite boutiques, 24/7, by joining our super stylish mailing list!


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