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Why Sezzle Over Other “Buy Now, Pay Later” Options for Boutique Hub Merchants?

The following content is a guest blog post provided by Sezzle.

Welcome, Boutique Hub merchants! For over 5 years, Sezzle has been a trusted premier partner of Boutique Hub, serving as a secure and dependable solution for all your flexible financing requirements. Sezzle’s payment platform provides a quick and easy way to enhance incremental revenue, attract new shoppers, and increase basket sizes by offering your shoppers an interest-free flexible way to pay. As a token of our continued appreciation and commitment to supporting Boutique Hub businesses, we are offering new merchants a special discounted processing rate. 

We know that there are more “Buy Now, Pay Later” providers than ever, including some options integrated into your current eCommerce site or payment platform. Here are several reasons why Sezzle stands out as the optimal choice for your financing needs vs other “Buy Now, Pay Later” providers.

Approval Rate Matters!

One of Sezzle’s key advantages is our ability to approve consumer purchases that may typically be denied based on an individual’s creditworthiness. Sezzle sets itself apart by extending its decision-making process beyond FICO scores, unlike most other buy-now-pay-later services. This allows us to expand spending power and significantly improve approval rates.

Building a Brighter Financial Future for Consumers 

As a proud B Corp, Sezzle is the exclusive buy-now-pay-later provider that empowers consumers to build credit through our platform. Those enrolled in Sezzle Up, making timely payments, have experienced an average credit score increase of 20 points within the initial 4 months of reporting. This elevates Sezzle from being just a payment option to a crucial decision for shoppers aiming to enhance their credit standing. It creates loyalty, as customers choose us not only to make a purchase but also for the additional advantage of credit building.

Product Innovations 

Sezzle is dedicated to ongoing product innovations to enhance conversions for our merchant partners. A recent addition to our offerings is the Pay-in-2 product. If a shopper is ineligible for our core Pay-in-4 solution, they have the option to Pay-in-2, leading to increased conversions and capturing orders that might otherwise be lost. Sezzle’s Pay-in-2 product opens up more buying opportunities for more shoppers, resulting in more sales for our merchants.

Sezzle Loyalty

Sezzle takes pride in its loyal customer base. The more shoppers utilize Sezzle, the more they build spending power through our platform. Remarkably, the top 10% of Sezzle shoppers transact an average of 42 times a year. Other “Buy Now, Pay Later” providers do not offer approval rates or spending limits as high as Sezzle, meaning loyal shoppers who are used to Sezzling their purchases may be disappointed at checkout if Sezzle is not an option.


Sezzle proactively directs traffic to our merchant partners through diverse marketing channels, such as our store directory and mobile app. A notable 30% of Sezzle’s overall revenue is generated from traffic originating from our directory. Joining our directory is cost-free, offering BH merchants the opportunity to leverage the marketing benefits that come with being a Sezzle partner. Our marketing initiatives are designed to enhance your visibility, attract new customers, and elevate brand awareness, ultimately contributing to increased overall traffic and revenue for our valued merchant partners.

Boutique Hub Member Offer 

For Boutique Hub members, we offer a special 30-day trial period as well as an automatic discount on your ongoing rate. Sign up today for the 30-day trial to see how Sezzle’s offerings benefit your business and make it even more affordable to make those last-minute holiday purchases!

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