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5 Hot Earring Styles for Any Country Girl

We know Western Girls love their accessories! All of the bold colors, stacks of bracelets and of course turquoise galore! Read below to get the Hot Earring Styles. Presented by Boutique Style.

You can never have too much right? Duh!

The more the merrier and we pulled some new fun earring styles perfect for any country girl wanting to add to her collection.

| Hot Edgy Turquoise Earrings

Of course we need our turquoise but these arrowhead earrings take it to a whole other level of YES PLEASE!

Hot Earrings Styles

The Glass Phoenix | Turquoise Arrowhead Earrings $14.99

| White Hot

The bigger the better honey, plus these white hot earrings come in yellow, black and multi-color as well!

Hot Earring Styles

Sings My Soule Boutique | Fiesta Time Earrings $21.99

| Hot Earrings That Are Textured

So many styles, so little time. We’ll take them all!

Hot Earrings Styles

Gypsy Waltz | The Luckenbach Earrings $20.00

| Rainbow Bold

Can’t decide on a color? Why not all of them!

Hot Earring Styles

The Western Rose | Rainbow Squash Earrings $18.99

| Fun-Size

These little babies are perfect for the understated cowgirl!

Kade & Cate | Fiesta Stud Earrings $10.00

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Hero Image: Gypsy Waltz


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