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Building a Boutique Brand

Episode #218: Today Michelle Manningham, founder of Texi Boots, joins us to talk about Building a Boutique Brand from Scratch. Michelle tells us how her vision of becoming a designer went from dream to reality. From finding out how to manufacture her line, believing in the core value of female entrepreneurs supporting one another, and learning to fight for your dream. You don’t want to miss this inspiring episode! Presented by The Boutique Hub.

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  1. Starting somewhere. Changing your mindset from I can’t, to I CAN and I WILL.
  2. Building an experience for your consumers and paying attention to the small details.
  3. Confidence is built by taking action. It’s about having the vision but also doing the work to take it to the next level.

“I had changed so much of my mindset that I didn’t understand the word no, not having this wasn’t an option. I wasn’t a matter of would it work, just when will it and with who.” – Michelle 

“I think the most successful brands are finding ways to innovate and scale, then build out  different categories then what they have lived in.”- Michelle

“It’s the attention to detail and it’s the things people typically don’t do, that keep people consistently coming back.”- Michelle 

“Confidence is built by taking action.”

– Michelle

You can find Michelle on instagram at @michellemanningham & @TexiBoots and follow the link to find Texi boots on her website.

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Original Air Date: July 2, 2019
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