Raising Your Bottom Line with Stocking Stuffers

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Raising Your Bottom Line with Stocking Stuffers

Ok, #BoutiqueBoss. Today we are going to talk about upselling and raising your bottom line with stocking stuffers! We all know it’s important but how much of an effort are you making to add on a few extra dollars to your customer’s in-store purchase or online order?  

We have compiled a list of multiple items that add just a little more to your bottom line.  Also, with the Holiday Season fast approaching, you have to perfect way to push that average order cost with stocking stuffers or little gifts for the teacher or friend!   

Find these brands in our wholesale marketplace on The Boutique Hub or in our Boutique Brands & Vendors Group for members! Prices below are listed at wholesale. Connect with these brands for details!

Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Remember, what works for you may not work for the next person. Try it out, document and then analyze.  If it doesn’t work try something else. The holiday season is the perfect time to test out promos and learn what your audience responds to best!  

Raising Your Bottom Line with Stocking Stuffers

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