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How to Successfully Manage Multiple Storefronts

How to Successfully Manage Multiple Storefronts

Today on the #BoutiqueChat podcast Jennafer King & Jessica Divine, founders of The Red Racoon Boutique, join us for How to Successfully Manage Multiple Storefronts. The Red Racoon Boutique was Indiana Boutique of the year in 2020, Overall Storefront Boutique of the Year in 2019, and Runner up Storefront in 2018. They go over how they manage their inventory across multiple storefronts, tips for live selling, and how they’ve created a strong team dynamic. But that’s not all, tune in to hear more from this incredible sister duo!

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  1. At the Red Racoon, they base the inventory placed in the storefronts on the customer’s style in that location. Location can really make a difference in customer preferences!
  2. While managing multiple storefronts, all inventory is placed in one system but organized by tags in Shopify.
  3. Open communication in your team is key. Holding weekly meetings, even if they are just quick updates, will make a huge difference in your business. 
How to Successfully Manage Multiple Storefronts


Stay in your own lane and do your own thing, even if everything your doing is what everyone else says not to do. If it works for you, you need to keep doing that. -Jessica

As far as our tracking system, it is all one system and then we use tags in Shopify to denote what location it’s at. -Jessica

As far as gaining more viewers, it’s not about just getting on to sell but to chat and be human with your customers. -Jessica

“Quit selling yourself short. Be more than a clothes flipper. You need to make a profit.” -Jennafer

Where to follow and find Jennafer King & Jessica Divine:

Instagram: @theredraccoonllc, @studio247, @jabaird

Website: https://theredraccoon.commentsold.com/

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Original Air Date: October 6th, 2020
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