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Holiday Marketing Tips that will Increase Sales

Holiday Marketing Tips that will Increase Sales

Today on the #BoutiqueChat podcast our host Ashley Alderson, founder of The Boutique Hub, does a solo episode on Holiday Marketing Tips that will Increase Sales. Ashley goes over important topics such as margin builders, how to market to every customer type, and how to plan your assortment. But there are even more tips than that, so tune in now to get all the details! Let’s finish the holiday season with both peace and profit!

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  1. Plan your store’s sales strategically so you know what’s best for business, whether it’s a promotion or a sale. 
  2. Always remember: Money follows eyeballs.
  3. Curate your items for ALL 5 customer types. The deal finder, the early bird, the self gifter, the host, and the last-minute shopper.


“People remember how you made them feel vs what they bought from you at the end of the day.” -Ashley

“Any time we run a blanket sale, we throw out the diamonds in the dirt.” -Ashley

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Original Air Date: October 13th, 2020
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