Holiday Marketing Tips

Holiday Marketing Tips

Let’s be honest — Black Friday and holiday marketing for boutiques can be overwhelming! Here are 3 quick tip to help you get started planning the right way, with the most engagement!

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1. Work Backwards now!

Grab a calendar and right now, mark out all of the big dates — black Friday, small business Saturday, Cyber Monday, giving Tuesday, your events, pop-ups, open houses, online promotions.

Once your dates are set, what team will you need to hire to make your holiday marketing plan hum?

What are your projected sales?
In what categories?
What worked last year and what didn’t?

Will you run more promotions this year rather than sales?
(This is a trick question, the answer should be duh, Ashley, I’m not going to give away my entire margin on my best items this season!)

What gifts or freebies do you need for your promotions?

What marketing graphics, emails, and photoshoots do you need NOW to get ahead of the season?

What numbers will your team focus on rather than just gross sales? How about AOV and add on sales or UPT? AND MARGIN!?

You get the picture — start planning your Holiday marketing NOW so you can buy smarter and get ahead of the game!

2. What collections will you feature?

The difference in your business vs any big box store, is that you come with service, trust and suggestions. Your cusotmers trust that you’ll make the best recomendations for them when it comes to gift giving and personal style.

Think ahead of what they might need, and build collections and gift guides for your customer.

These might be for:
– Gifts for mom, your sister, BFF, teacher, nail tech, babysiter and more.

Or they might be outfit ideas for a night out, Christmas morning, Holiday parties, you name it!

As you’re buying, build creative collections that make life easy for your customer.

3. Who will you collaborate with?

What other makers, salons, local businesses, online businesses or services will you collab with?

This is the season where EVERYONE is shopping — so you have a huge opportunity to reach new audiences through collaboration while serving your customer and making her shopping experience much easier!

Whether it’s a tire store down the street, with tons of men who you know may need help with gift giving this season, to an online maker you love to support.

Look for ways to cross promote, run IG takeovers, giveaways, collab in gift guides and share one another’s audiences!



The 4th Quarter is the MOST important time of year in retail, and unless you’re ready to maximize it, it can also take your business for a ride.

Stop concentrating on your gross sales numbers, and start making sure your 4th quarter is profitable.  From years of retail experience, and the latest proven strategies, we’ll make sure this Holiday season is one both you and your customers will always remember.

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What is the ONE THING you are doing now to make the Holidays this year that much stronger?

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