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5 Tips for Creating a Successful Window Display

When someone walks by your storefront it only takes seconds for them to decide whether they should step into your store or not. So how are you going to draw their attention? Today we are going to go over the top 5 tips for creating a successful and captivating window display!

5 Tips for Creating a Successful Window Display | The Boutique Hub
5 Tips for Creating a Successful Window Display | The Boutique Hub

1. Color

Color is the most important aspect of your displays. It doesn’t matter if you have a small budget or a large one, color is something we can all use to produce a successful window display. Before even starting your display ask: What is my color theme? One of the biggest mistakes in visual merchandising is forgetting to stick with a theme. By following a theme, such as an analogous, complementary, or monochromatic color scheme, your display will be cohesive and more visually pleasing.

2. Flow

Does your display have a good flow? Are your eyes following a path that leads to a focal point? Every display needs to have a focal point. Your focal point is your selling point! Use design elements to create a main point of interest, such as repetition. Repetition is an easy way to create emphasis in your display.

3. Story

Your display should always have a theme or story. Does your display come across as cohesive and does the theme represent your brand in a fitting way? By having a theme and sticking to it, you won’t create a display that is inconsistent. Another important element that is often overlooked is recognizing the overall purpose of your display. Your display should look pretty, but it still needs to create revenue. If you are displaying an outfit or accessory, what aspects of the piece are unique and how can you show that to your customer. An example is having 3 mannequins wearing one piece in three different ways, to show their versatility. 

4. Target Market

 It’s always important to make sure your story or theme is appropriate for your audience. What theme will draw the correct audience to your store? If your target can’t relate to your display, there going to automatically assume they won’t like your clothes.

5. Branding 

When someone looks at your store window, do they know who you are? What elements are you going to incorporate so your display stays true to your brand? Make sure your logo or store name is always incorporated into your display. When an individual glances at your display will they be able to recall who you were or how they can find you. That’s where your call to action comes in, whether it’s an Instagram handle sticker on your window or promotion they can take part in, always have some sort of CTA.

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