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Southern Fried Chics | The Boutique Hub

All that Glitters: Southern Fried Chics

Are you a boutique owner who is constantly searching for the next big style, bonus points if it’s shiny, glittery, and all things glitz? We introduce you to Southern Fried Chics, a longtime boutique who is now fully engulfed in the design business.

We’re showing off their top three favorites, and they’ve quickly made it to our favorites list, as well!

Royal Sequin Duster
$39.99 (wholesale)

To Have & To Hold Dress
$24.99 (wholesale)

Gypsy Gold Dress
$24.99 (wholesale)

Southern Fried Chics has a $500 opening order, along with a $250 re-order requirement. If you’re looking to carry a few pieces from this fabulous brand in your store, send an email to their Wholesale address, ATTN: Lacey or Taylor!

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