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How Comment Selling Helps Boutiques

We’ve got a great guest-post on the blog today, from our friends at CommentSold! Every day we receive questions regarding comment-based selling, and how boutiques can benefit from implementing such software into their businesses.

With modern customers making purchasing decisions over multiple touchpoints—online, offline, via mobile and on social channels, young retailers and boutique behemoths are incorporating more and more sales channels to reach their customers at all touchpoints.

CommentSold has helped empower thousands of boutiques by giving them the tools to build, grow, and fuse those selling channels together. This not only creates effortless, cohesive, and enjoyable shopping experiences for customers but it also allows boutiques to manage it all with ease.

It’s no wonder why boutiques have reported CommentSold to be an invaluable tool for their business.

CommentSold automates time-consuming tasks such as invoicing, inventory management, and waitlist maintenance. The software also provides a central hub with a single source of inventory that spans across all selling channels.

No more headaches from inventory counting, chasing payments, cross-checking databases, or spending countless hours scouring spreadsheets and manually invoicing. Instead, boutiques can focus their time and energy on growing their businesses to new heights.

Most famous for its features that support comment selling through social media, boutiques can use the software to schedule sales posts ahead of time.

The auto-invoicing feature allows them to “set and forget” these posts since comment claims are harvested and turned into instant invoices for both static sales and live sales. Cart expirations may be set to dump carts after a fixed amount of time to encourage timely payments. Waitlists can be implemented and maintained for customers that are willing to pay for items in expired carts as well.

Though comment selling is a fun and effective way to keep your customers engaged, it isn’t without its shortcomings. CommentSold recognizes the danger of shifting algorithms that threaten business that sell exclusively through social media.  A website is included as a standard benefit with all accounts for this reason.

These websites seamlessly integrate with all customer accounts along with a central management hub that has provided a way to build a stunning branded website and accelerate conversion marketing campaigns with re-targeting ads for item pages.

While websites are an easy way to dodge shifting algorithms, the best way to fully capture your customer base and protect your brand is to invest in a mobile app.

57% of all U.S. online traffic now comes from mobile devices.

CommentSold builds mobile apps to provide a channel optimized just for mobile shopping. In fact, businesses that utilize them have reported 8x more on apps than they do through traditional sales channels. Increased sales can be attributed to push notifications, which can deliver timely and relevant messages to customers straight to their mobile devices. With a mobile app, your brand can stay top of mind for customers.

CommentSold is dedicated to listening to customer needs. With excellent support, weekly updates and features, a plethora of business strategy resources, integrations, and a growing Facebook community, CommentSold is devoted to helping boutiques large and small achieve their wildest dreams all with the help of technology.

We want to send a special thanks to CommentSold for an incredibly informative write-up!

Learn more about Comment Sold, here, on their site. Or follow them on Facebook.

Remember, if you’re a Hub member, you can purchase CommentSold’s $149 package for only $99, which is a savings of $50/month!

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