Episode #33: YouTube & Beyond, How Two Sisters Grew a following of 2 million on YouTube & Won 2018 Global Boutique of the Year.

These two sisters are creating waves in the shop small movement carrying the title of fashion influencer and boutique owner. Tracy and Stefanie’s love of fashion and beauty led them to start a YouTube channel in 2009. Fast Forward 9 years, they’ve just been named the 2018 Global Boutique of the Year.

This podcast dives into their journey, balancing working with family, transitioning back and forth from influencer and boutique owner, and much more!

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Tracy and Stefanie are sisters and were both born in Florida, but traveled along the east coast as their dad was in the Navy. Now, they live across the street from each other and their husbands, who also work for Madison + Mallory, are BFF’s too.

The sister’s got their start in 2009 on YouTube where their beauty channel Eleventhgorgeous and Vlog TeeAndEss where their following grew to 2 million. In 2016, Tracy and Stefanie opened Madison + Mallory.


  • Focus on steady growth and consistency.
  • It’s okay to make mistakes, grow from them.
  • Make yourself a part of your brand.
  • Show people behind the scenes, be real.
  • Earn your audience’s trust.

10:00 – The difference between their two YouTube Channels.
18:50 – A launch of something bigger.
25:00 – Strategies to drive ongoing traffic.
32:40 – Where the industry is headed.
41:00 – Working with family.

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Original Air Date: September 18, 2018
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