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Building a Sustainable Brand in a Modern World

Building a Sustainable Brand in a Modern World

Calling all manufacturing and wholesale friends, this episode is for you! Today I’m joined by Stephanie McTigue, owner of CoFi Leathers and a busy mom who has built an incredible brand of women’s leather handbags and sneakers. We’re going behind the scenes to hear how she built not just a beautiful brand, but also a sustainable one.

Listen in as Stephanie shares what it means to be a sustainable brand in today’s day and age, how she ensures that her product quality is always second to none, and why she believes that there is room for everyone in the industry to be successful. We also dive into the story behind the brand and talk about how Stephanie approaches being successful in both business and family life.

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What You’ll Learn From Building a Sustainable Brand in a Modern World

  • What led Stephanie to get into the leather business. 
  • Her process for ensuring stellar product quality.
  • What her most successful stores have in common.
  • What Stephanie wishes she would have known sooner for trade shows. 
  • The best mistake she has made in her journey so far.
  • What it means to have a sustainable brand.
  • How Stephanie approaches being successful in business and at home.
  • The habits and routines she finds to be helpful at home and in business.

Resources Featured In This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Stephanie McTigue

“The more people love the product or use it themselves, the better they can sell it.” – Stephanie McTigue [12:35]

“I believe the best way to sell a product is to own it yourself.” – Stephanie McTigue [12:55]

“There’s enough room for everyone to be successful.” – Stephanie McTigue [15:35]

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Original Air Date: August 16th, 2022
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