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Dig In and Do The Hard Thing with Anais Almazan, Pretty & Pink Boutique

No one knows the meaning of hard work and perseverance better than my guest today, Anais Almazan, the founder and owner of Pretty & Pink Boutique. I want to encourage you all to listen to this episode because her story is truly inspiring! I may even shed a tear or two during this one. 

Anais fell in love with retail while working at the local Dollar General in Eldorado, Texas. She had little capital and no idea how to start a business, but she was determined to make her dream of owning a fashion boutique a reality and that meant she had to put in the work and figure it out. Today she has a 4,000-square-foot storefront in San Angelo, a full staff and a booming ecommerce business. 

Anais talks about overcoming adversity, the mindset it takes to make a business work, building an authentic community and some of the tools and strategies she implements day-to-day. She also discusses the adversity she’s faced along the way as a Mexican-American who speaks English as a second language and how she serves the Hispanic community (as well as offers advice for how other boutique owners can too!)

Resources Featured In This Episode:

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What You’ll Learn About in Dig In and Do The Hard Thing with Anais Almazan

  • The mind set needed to build a successful business
  • Struggles and triumphs for first time boutique owners
  • Building an authentic community
  • Adapting to the changes in social media and marketing trends
  • How to be more inclusive to Spanish speakers in your community

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Original Air Date: November 28, 2023
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