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Using Alternative Payments

Episode #231: Learn why alternative forms of payment are becoming more and more popular in the retail boutique industry. Meet Sezzle with Charlie Youakim, Co-Founder of Sezzle

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Today Charlie Youakim, Co-Founder of Sezzle, joins us for All things Sezzle. We’ll deep dive today into using alternative payment solutions, and see how paying in installments has really come naturally to today’s youngest consumers. Charlie gives us the background on how their company came to be, their mission, how to implement Sezzle into your business, and how it’s benefiting both customers & business owners. The future of payment is here, so you can’t miss out on this valuable knowledge that’s transforming our industry!

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Key Points:

  1. When a customer feels safe and has a more efficient way of paying, the more likely their going to hit the checkout button. 
  2. The more payment options you have as a retailer, the better. 
  3. Your business is your baby, you need to be all in!

Favorite Quotes:

“Our mission is to financially empower the next generation.”-Charlie

“We are enabling a much smarter purchase behavior…whereas credit card companies are incentivized to get a customer into a debt trap.”-Charlie 

“The number one thing I tell entrepreneurs, is you have to be all in, you can’t halfsies it.”-Charlie

“Today’s youngest consumers are more often scared of debt than dying itself…we knew we had to do something different.” Charlie

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Original Air Date: October 30th, 2019
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