2020 #BoutiqueBoss Planner

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2020 #BoutiqueBoss Planner

Have you been patiently waiting for your 2020 #BoutiqueBoss Planner?  It’s almost here!! And we want you to be the first to know when it drops before it sells out.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. We’ve all been there, right?!

We think we’re on the top of the world, balancing everything life has thrown at us, but all of a sudden we remember the four things we were supposed to do last week that never got done. 

Why?  We didn’t put them into our plan.

Taking the time to plan is one of the easiest ways to make sure your business is on track while giving you an incredible return on your time investment. Now, that planning is easier than ever before, with the 2020 #BoutiqueBoss Planner.

Here is where you can get on the 2020 early release list!

2020 #BoutiqueBoss Planner

But just in case you’re a planner snob like us — and expect a lot out of your planner, here’s what is inside:

Inside you’ll find:
– Tracking sheets for sales, inventory, social & business growth
– Retail Specific Checklists
– Expert tips + resources
– Retail Math guides + equations
– Goal setting + tracking
– Social Media tracking
– plus a free online download for all planner users!

Why is the #BoutiqueBoss Planner different? 

The #BoutiqueBoss Planner is the ONLY planner built specifically for boutique owners, makers, designers, or any product-based business that relies on inventory and marketing to grow their business. 

We take the tracking and planning that you’ve been spending time on outside of your average day planner and added it into the same place you’re making your lists and keeping up with progress. 

Plus – we know those random to-do’s specific to your business each week, month, and year, so we created business-specific lists, ideas and reminders just for you that you won’t find anywhere else.  

Why is the #BoutiqueBoss Planner more than just a ‘planner’?

It’s one thing to make a plan, but it’s another to have someone who knows exactly the business you’re trying to build, give you the daily tips and reminders you need to make sure you’re on the right track! 

How can I get the most out of the planner?

Make a date with your planner, daily.  Set aside time to review your day ahead, the week ahead and to gather all tracking numbers to keep your business records in one spot!

Plus, do you have a manager or other key employee who should be up to speed with you?  Use your planner, or get a second one for your store or warehouse manager to also keep on track with your daily operations, to-do’s and business goals as they progress all year long! 

2020 #BoutiqueBoss Planner

When will the 2020 planner be released? 

November just might be your bread and butter season, so in the hustle, don’t forget to order your planner, they will SELL OUT FAST just like they did last year! 

You can be the first to know by dropping your email here – and get the news before anyone else!

Plus when you sign up, you’ll get the FREE BONUS
on the Five Ways Boutique Owners Can Be More Productive Each Week!

Once you order, planners will ship within the week right to you, so you can use December and January to kick off all of 2020 right! 

As always, we could not have put this planner together without our Service Provider partners:

WWD Magic
Dallas Market Center
Atlanta Americasmart
Retail Bootcamp
SheProfits Now
Noissue Tissue

Once you get one, use #BOUTIQUEBOSSPLANNER hashtag, where we do monthly drawings and giveaways.  And tag the planner on the gram (yes, a full Instagram account dedicated to your planner-loving organization skills) @boutiquebossplanner.

Cheers to the best year yet, welcome 2020!


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