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Gear For The Guys: Wholesale Items for the Men in Your Customer’s Lives.  

Ok ladies, so today we are turning our focus to MEN!  I don’t know about you, but whenever I take a special girls trip or run into a fun boutique-I check to see if there is a little something that I can grab for my husband!  

Not sure if your customers want men’s items? Run a poll in your group or on your FB page and ask them!  

Find these brands in our wholesale marketplace on The Boutique Hub or in our Boutique Brands & Vendors Group for members! Prices below are listed at wholesale.  Connect with these brands for details!

Burst into Bloom  | The Boutique HubBurst into Bloom  || Men’s Canvas Bag $14.99

Adelyn Elaines  | The Boutique HubAdelyn Elaines  || Car Coaster $3.50

Imaginary Authors  | The Boutique HubImaginary Authors  || Unisex Candle $32.50

Imaginary Authors  | The Boutique HubImaginary Authors  || Unisex Perfume $19-$45


Nikki Smith Designs  | The Boutique HubNikki Smith Designs  || Men’s Beaded Stone Bracelet $14

Diamond Bills  | The Boutique HubDiamond Bills  ||Tested Tee $12.00

Gio Gio Design  | The Boutique HubGio Gio Design  || Men’s Cufflinks $15.00

Rhoda Katz & Co  | The Boutique HubRhoda Katz & Co  || Men’s Dress Socks $21.50 (Pack of 6)

Truth Ink Apparel | The Boutique HubTruth Ink Apparel  || One King Men’s Tee $13

August Bleu  | The Boutique HubAugust Bleu  || Men’s Turkey Tee $20.00-$21.50

Red Sky Designs  ||Bison Leather Beer Can Holder $27.95

Red Sky Designs  | The Boutique HubRed Sky Designs  || Bison Leather Beer Can Holder $27.95


Which are your favorites?  All of these items make great gifts or even stocking stuffers–remember to think outside the box to gain additional income.

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