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Gift Guide for the #BoutiqueBoss!

Our annual Gift Guide for the #BoutiqueBoss is here! Trust us, your favorite #BoutiqueBoss is looking for one of these items under the tree this year! You haven’t seen Holiday Hustle until you walk into a small business during the months of November and December. #BoutiqueBosses are extra busy during this time of year putting together amazing gifts to give and helping their customers mark items off of their holiday wish lists.

But what about them?

What do you get the hard-working small business owner that has access to countless gifts at any given time?


We asked the experts (aka some amazing Boutique Bosses) what THEY wanted for the holidays this year. Here are their TOP 10 responses! 

Top 10 Gifts for the #BoutiqueBoss


The printer that does it all. If the #boutiqueboss in your life doesn’t have one yet, it’s time. And if she does, we bet she would LOVE another one! These amazing printers do so much more than just print barcode labels, they print shipping labels, address labels and even logo stickers that the boss in your life can use for countless things! 


Having the latest tech toys is essential for a girl boss! Every #BoutiqueBoss needs a trusty computer – if not more than one! A desktop to slay away the day and a laptop to hustle on the go. And just like those new iPhones that drop, computers need to be upgraded over time as well! We haven’t met a #BoutiqueBoss who would turn down a helpful new computer for their business! {and if you’re looking for stocking stuffer ideas – computer/cell phone accessories are always a hit!}


SAY CHEESE! While some boss babes hire out their photography help for their business, many still do all of their pictures on their own! Even if the boss is your life hires out help, we bet she still does some killer flat lay pictures and try on photos on her own. A new camera would be a game-changer! Be sure to check with them to see what camera they have their eye on.

PLUS, we can’t forget about essential photo props and store display pieces! It really is the little things sometimes. A gift card to Hobby Lobby or similar home décor store will do wonders for a boutique boss as she can go pick out items to add to her merchandising displays and photoshoots! 

7. RETAIL BOOTCAMP by The Boutique Hub

Our industry-leading Retail Bootcamp course has impacted the lives of numerous boutique owners all over the world and is one of our most recommended courses, ever. This is the PERFECT gift to give to any Boutique Owner this holiday season that is looking to take her business to the NEXT level. 

Enrollment opens in January, but if you’d like to get this as a GIFT for your spouse — message us here and our team will make it happen!


Get that girl some help and give her some extra time to get things done, she needs it! Whatever form of help she may need – it can be totally FREE and all small business owners LOVE free help. Volunteer a day [or more!!] to assist her and her business. Help her steam clothes, price items, offer to babysit for her if she needs it, clean her storefront, wash her mobile boutique, help pack orders to ship, help with merchandising displays, go work an event with her and even offer to [with her approval and training] to work her shop for her for a day …. all for FREE!  This may just be the sweetest and most thoughtful gift you can ever give anyone, and that’s your TIME.


The BoutiqueBoss 2020 Planner is the ONLY planner of its kind, just for busy retailers. If you are a boutique owner, an independent retailer, an e-commerce store or maker, this planner was built with you in mind. Whether you are growing your boutique or if you are getting ready to open a new boutique, the BoutiqueBoss Planner is here to help boutique owners just like you stay motivated, grow their businesses, increase their profits, and reach a wider audience online and off. From inventory and sales tracking to monthly social media holidays, and 2020 Apparel Markets, careful thought was put into each page of the BoutiqueBoss Planner by retailers and business owners, just like you. Whether you have a brick and mortar business, an online boutique, or a mobile boutique, the BoutiqueBoss 2020 Planner will help you get organized, stay motivated, and end the year ahead of the game

There is NOTHING else like it on the market, we promise. Snag a 2020 BoutiqueBoss Planner here.


This was a hot request! #BoutiqueBosses are SO busy this time of year that they rarely have time to step outside their own stores during this season. Treat her to a night of shopping to treat herself – girl deserves it! What better gift to give, we all know boutique owners love to SHOP!  — but don’t forget to take care of grocery shopping for her too. Hey, didn’t hurt to ask did it? 


Every boutique owner is looking to grow their sales. How can you help? Easy! We aren’t asking you to go rack up a huge credit card bill at her store but yet, this gift is FREE to give all year long. You see her posting on social media all of her New Arrivals, Sales and Events she has going on … simply give those posts a LIKE! Re-share them, drop a comment saying how much you love the piece or how excited you are to attend their next Sip & Shop!

Social Media is a BEAST that boutique owner has to deal with every single day and you can help boost her engagement but simply taking the time to engage with their posts. Write a sweet card and make a promise to help them for all of 2020 in this FREE way.


Now, this IS a GIFT and a highly requested one! If the boss babe in your life is not a current member with us, or maybe she was in the past and had to let her membership go due to cutting costs – gifting her a membership is one of the best gifts she could receive [and we aren’t just saying that – we mean it whole-heartedly!] The community that is unlike anything else in the industry, we can’t wait to meet the boutique boss in your life! Join here.


This was hands down the #1 request from boutique owners we polled. Grab that boss babe up, pack her bags for her and take her somewhere! They deserve the break, especially after a busy holiday season. So plan that trip, even a simple night away at a Bed & Breakfast, and make it a big surprise this holiday! 

How else can you help your favorite BoutiqueBoss?

Tell her you’re proud of her.

She’s busting her butt this time of year, and your support means the world.

Happy Holidays from your biggest cheer squad,

The Boutique Hub Team!

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