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Hair Accessories: The Perfect Route to Building your Bottom Line

If you’ve been a member of The Boutique Hub for a while, it should be no surprise that in order to build a successful & profitable brand, margins are key. We typically recommend a 3x markup margin but sometimes that’s not always the easiest to maintain consistently.  Accessories are great margin builders and provide a quick way to boost your profit after the traditional end of season sales.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite hair accessory brands.  These items make getting a 3x markup easy–without having your customer think twice about the price!

Find these brands in our wholesale marketplace on The Boutique Hub or in our Boutique Brands & Vendors Group for members (Join here)! Prices below are listed at wholesale; connect with these brands for details!

Lauren Lane Wholesale || Circle Barrette $3.25

Lauren Lane Wholesale || Triangle Barrette $3.25

Lauren Lane Wholesale || Ella Rhinestone $4.00

Hotline Hairties || Headband Set $3

Hotline Hairties || Metallic Watercolor Set $2

Byrd || Polka Dot $7

Byrd || Black & White Gingham $7

Byrd || Red Bandana Wire $7

2 Sisters Little Shop || Cheetah Mix-75 Pieces $20 (25 of each style)

2 Sisters Little Shop || Cactus Mix-50 Pieces $20

Other great margin builders include necklaces, hats, bracelets, and bralettes or bandeaus! What are some of your favorites?
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