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Are you a boutique owner, wholesale brand, designer, or industry service provider?  Could you use an endless supply of strategy, advice, and support from the world’s larges boutique retail community?

Let’s get started saving you time, money, and giving you the tools and strategies needed to grow your business, together on ONE platform!

We know that no matter your business type and size, your needs are different.  We’ve tailored an experience unique to you that will grow your business, all while building a stronger voice and presence for boutique retail around the world.

Choose your membership option below. Then, let’s do this #BoutiqueBoss!

Have you ever felt like you’ve searched the internet high to low to find answers to your most pressing questions, to find strategies working now, discover new trusted apparel brands, or to simply build friendships with boutique owners who ‘get it’?

There just isn’t enough coffee…or wine to get it all done on your own.  We’ve been there too. 

You’ve got limited time, so we’re bringing you the most relevant topics, tools, new brands and training of today so you can keep doing what you do best. 

While you build your business on the #BoutiqueBusiness Platform, boutique-loving shoppers will also be discovering and shopping your boutique on our #BoutiqueStyle Platform. Two birds with one stone! 

Here’s what you’ll have access to inside the Hub:


  • Connect daily to like-minded boutique owners of all sizes and experiences, to find the support and idea sharing you need to grow.
  • Use our Brands and Vendors group to find new lines & vendors to stock, or a new Service Provider with Hub member discounts.
  • Buy/Sell/Find overstock inventory from fellow #BoutiqueBosses.


  • Discover brands, indie designers, jewelry companies, showrooms and more in our Wholesale Marketplace.
  • Find vetted Service Providers and access $3,000+ in exclusive offers, discounts and perks from providers & wholesale brands.
  • Learn top strategies with 100+ hours of video how-tos, downloads and templates in our Member Training Library.
  • Access members-only perks like access to insurance policies for you and your team, discounts on rental cars and trusted business tools like Quickbooks.
  • Learn & connect in person at our Hub meetups, Boutique Summit conferences, masterminds, and buying trips!


  • Be discovered by shoppers on Boutique.Style with your updated profile and product feed.
  • Sell to consumers directly in our ‘Shop the Best Boutiques Facebook group.
  • Be featured on our #BoutiqueStyle blog posts & social media.

INVESTMENT: as low as $24 per month when paid annually
ROI Value: $3000+ Annually 

We know that using traditional trade shows and vast online marketplaces alone to reach new buyers can prove costly over time.  And our mom once told us money doesn’t grow on trees…so let’s streamline your process with an omnichannel approach.

We created the Wholesale Marketplace to give you another option to reach new buyers and direct them to your wholesale applications or website directly. We help retail owners discover you and your new products daily online, while also encouraging them to visit you in person at any apparel shows they do plan on attending. 

Bonus, you can also use our Brands & Vendors Facebook Group to share your new products with boutique owners directly, any day of the week.  Don’t just sell products, build relationships with your buyers in The Hub’s group.  Boutique owners inside are looking for brands to trust.

Here’s what’s inside for Brands, Showrooms and Designers: 


  • Meet new boutiques with your brand’s profile on the Hub, add style tags, and link to your wholesale application to filter approved buyers.
  • Share weekly new arrivals or favorites with owners in our dedicated Brands & Vendors Facebook Group.
  • Highlight your products by contributing to our weekly blog shared with over 5,000 retailers weekly.
  • Attract and meet members at markets with Hub membership signage to invite them to your booth.


  • Find a Service Provider that can support your business goals in our Service Provider’s Directory, and save up to $3,000 per year in special discounts for members.
  • Find how-to’s, checklists, downloads, live trainings and more in our Expert Training Library to grow your business.
  • Learn more about upcoming industry events, The Boutique Summit, #BoutiqueBoss Dinners and how to connect with our member boutiques in person!
  • Connect privately with other brand owners, reps, designers and showrooms in our private community just for you to share business questions and ideas.
  • Highlight your brand in innovative ways with our feature opportunities at live events with hundreds of Boutique members!

INVESTMENT:  $49/month (paid annually)
ROI Value: $3000+ Annually

We know you do a great job of marketing your services, but many times boutique owners have limited time to research what is offered in the marketplace. They’re a busy group of folks and they simply want answers and solutions quickly – those which you might have!

With that in mind, we’ve created one single place that makes finding your business simple and effective for your ideal customers. They’ll thank you.

Here’s what’s inside the Hub for you: 


  • Connect with thousands of boutiques and fashion brands through your profile in our Service Provider Directory.
  • Share tips, expertise and insight directly with members to build relationships in our Facebook Groups.
  • Share your knowledge and specialty with our community by contributing to blog posts or applying to be a guest speaker online or at one of our conferences!

INVESTMENT: $49/month (paid annually)  APPLICATION ONLY

Since the relationship with our Members is very important to us, we now review all Service Providers before giving them the link to join to make sure The Boutique Hub is the perfect fit for your business & vice versa! Request to join here.

Big Plans…check.
Credit Card….check.

You’re on a mission, let’s do this.

We’ve got your back, and can’t wait to welcome you to the community! No more being maxed out or running on endless searching for your next big opportunity. Let’s get you to the answers, tools, tips, and resources you need to check those next goals off the list.

See you inside!



Save $144 by paying annually!

Find top strategies, brands, & savings now!

100+ Hours of Training
Live Guest Experts
Wholesale Marketplace
$3,000+ in Exclusive Discounts
Vetted Service Providers & Tools
Live Events, Daily Connections & Peer Support
Trusted Community With High Standards



(paid annually)

Meet 3,000 boutiques now!

Brand Directory Profile
Contribute to Promoted Content
100+ Hours of Business Training
Daily Connection to 3,000+ Boutiques
Over $3,000 Exclusive Discounts on Services
Live Events, Market Promotion & Connections
Daily Peer Support, Networking, Collaborations

Service Providers


(paid annually)

Connect with the right clients now! 

Company Profile in Service Directory
Contribute to Community Content as Expert
Share daily insights with Community
Collaborate as a Guest Expert or Speaker online or at Events


What types of boutiques can join the hub?

The Boutique Hub was primarily designed for clothing, accessory, footwear and some decor boutiques.  These boutiques may have a storefront, an online presence or sell only socially on social media.   We do require that all members have a legally operational business model including tax id and sales tax permit information.  Models such as buy-in-groups are not allowed inside the Hub.  We reserve the right to approve or deny any member as we see fit for the integrity of the community.  Oh ya, and if you’re mean or don’t like to have fun, you’ll have to go.

What types of brands can join the hub?

Brands inside the Hub include wholesale manufacturers, distributors, showrooms, brand reps, indie designers, jewelry and accessory designers or other approved brands who create quality products to be sold through retail boutiques.  All brands will be pre-approved to join the Hub based on product fit and integrity of the community. No obscene products or gestures please, or my friend, we’ll have to talk…

What if I choose to cancel my membership?

At the end of the day, it’s our goal to strengthen the business of each of our members. If you decide that the Hub just isn’t for you, no worries! Cancel your membership anytime for it to non-renew for the next invoice period.  High Fives for giving the Hub a try for your business!

How will I be notified of monthly training available to members?

Each month we will be sharing exclusive content with our members on the latest in business development, marketing strategy or relevant topics from our team at the Hub or guest experts from the industry! We will notify our members via email and in our community Facebook groups of each training opportunity in advance. If that fails, we’ll pull out the can and string to share the message.

What types of service providers can join the hub?

We invite boutique photographers, graphic designers, web designers, software companies, supply companies, marketplaces, or companies who otherwise offer a product or service that benefits a boutique owner or wholesale brand. No tire kickers or used car salesmen up in here, only companies with a great track record of working with retailers!