Head to Toe Easter Outfit Inspo

Looking for some much needed colorful Easter outfit inspo?! Well no worries, we pulled some adorable pieces for you to get in time for Easter festivities.

Spring is all about bringing in the vibrant colors after a grey winter. So all the bases are covered for your spring attire. From fun yellow sandals to the staple spring floral, you’ve got all the elements for a perfect outfit!

Check out all the other amazing Easter outfit pieces we pulled below!

Big Bratt Boutique || The Gertie $40.00

Shop Ever || Waterlily Dress $68.00

Chloe VS Tank Boutique || Liv Mustard Bow Shoes $35.00

The City and Stars || Sage Wrap Dress $48.00

Simple Extravagance || Chelsea Dress $48.00

The Exchange || Hoop Earrings $18.00

Be You Boutique || Elfonso Wedges Tan$ 22.99

Taylor’d to You Boutique || Picking Daffodils Dress $42.00

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Hero Image: Whipin Wild Rags

Meredith Pomietlo
Meredith Pomietlo
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Meredith is our intern here at The Hub and enjoys anything involving photography, art, and design! She also has a love for fashion, especially the boho-vintage vibe. She is currently going to school for graphic design.