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How to Plan, Buy and Manage Your Inventory in 2024 with Mary Landgrebe, Management One

“You can’t be successful at marketing or sales unless you have a good handle on your inventory.”

Get ready to hear some straight-up real talk with my good friend Mary Landgrebe of Management One. We dive into the tough conversations that are being had right now in our industry and the challenges small business owners face in the current economy. As an expert in retail operations, inventory solutions and strategic planning, Mary shares her thoughts on what buying will look like in 2024, the dangers we should all be avoiding as small business owners and how independent retailers can plan for success in the upcoming year. 

We talk about the need to understand your numbers and make data-driven decisions and all things inventory — open-to-buy planning, the significance of receiving and tracking orders, implementing a markdown strategy, maximizing product exposure through multiple channels, strategies for addressing excess and so much more. 

This episode is packed full of valuable information so be sure to grab your notepad, and check out the links below for more on the apps and tools we discuss in the episode!

Resources Featured In This Episode:

>>How to Plan, Buy and Manage Your Inventory in 2024 – LISTEN NOW ON iTunes <<
>>How to Plan, Buy and Manage Your Inventory in 2024 – LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<

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What You’ll Learn About in How to Plan, Buy and Manage Your Inventory in 2024

  • Challenges retailers are facing in the current economy
  • What buying will look like in the new year
  • Inventory planning and management tips
  • Understanding Your Numbers and Making Data-Driven Decisions
  • The Role of Turn Rate in Open-to-Buy Planning
  • The Importance of Markdown Strategy
  • Maximizing Product Exposure and Markdowns
  • Managing Inventory and Cash Flow

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Original Air Date: December 5, 2023
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