How to Run a Successful Business with Your Significant Other

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How to Run a Successful Business with Your Significant Other

Today Brooke and Brandon Riley, Owners of Re-Fabbed Boutique, join us for How to Run a Successful Business with Your Significant Other. Brooke and Brandon are a true example of a power couple who learned the tips and tricks of running a successful business together. They go over topics such as how to build a large customer base, how you can set your business apart from others, and how properly delicate tasks in your team. Brook and Brandon have all the secrets to effectively grow a business as a couple, so tune in now to get all the details!

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  1. People connect more on a personal level when they actually see the face behind the writing. 
  2. Authenticity and continuing to be real with your customers is what builds a true community. 
  3. When working as a couple, it’s so important to understand each other’s strengths and your communication styles so you can create a strong relationship & business together.
How to Run a Successful Business with Your Significant Other


“Once my face in video form came out and they really saw me and they saw who was behind all the writing, that’s when we connected on a deeper level.” -Brooke

“Make time to engage with your people by responding to their comments. If they’re going to comment on your stuff make sure that you take the time to respond to them and make them feel valued.” -Brooke

“You’ve got to realize each of you have your own role and each person is going to take care of different aspects of the business and you have to trust that person.” -Brandon

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Original Air Date: June 30th, 2020
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