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MAGIC Goes Digital

MAGIC Goes Digital

Today on the Boutique Chat Podcast Kelly Helfman, President of MAGIC, joins us for MAGIC Goes Digital. Kelly is here to give us all the details on MAGIC’s Digital Trade Event. She goes over how often vendors will be adding and updating their products, the 5 categories you can shop, an inside scoop to this year’s trends, and how you can get exclusive opportunities for learning on this digital platform. Tune in to hear all the details on MAGIC’s all-new buying experience!

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Want more info on MAGIC’s Digital Trade Event? Check out our latest blog post with all the details!


  1. This event is a completely virtual experience with over 1000 brands you can shop from.
  2. It’s broken up into 5 categories: MAGIC, COTERIE, MICAM Americas, PROJECT, and CHILDREN’S CLUB.
  3. You will be receiving weekly trend picks, be able to shop suggested brands that fit your target market, and new pieces will be added weekly!


“We can’t wait to get started. We’re going to see what the future of this business is and we are going to evolve it together. Thank you all for being apart of it!” -Kelly

“We partnered with WGSN, they’re going to give you all the trend reports you to know and love that you need to help your buying for the next seasons.” -Kelly

“We have a bunch of amazing speakers lined up, so all of the seminars will be going digital and virtual at this show.” -Kelly

“You don’t have to pay anything as a registered buyer to get all this free knowledge and education. Definitely make sure you take advantage of that.” -Kelly

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Original Air Date: September 1st , 2020
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