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Making An Impact With A Product-Based Business

Making An Impact With A Product-Based Business

Have you ever wondered how somebody has an idea for a product that solves an actual real-world problem, and then how they’re able to build, scale, manufacture, and distribute that product? All while also having a thriving boutique line? In this episode, I’m joined by Adi Arezzini, founder of Teami Blends, and we’re talking all about her product-based business that is making a huge impact.

Listen in as Adi shares what it was like to initially build and scale her business, the systems and processes that have helped her along the way, and how she knows when it’s time to invest in more inventory. We also discuss how she built a thriving community around her brand, how she uses her influencer program to grow awareness of her brand, and why she analyzes her time spent in the business so she can scale and still spend time as a new mom.

>>Making An Impact With A Product-Based Business– LISTEN NOW ON iTunes <<
>>Making An Impact With A Product-Based Business– LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<
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What You’ll Learn From Making An Impact With A Product-Based Business

  • Why Adi first started Teami blends.
  • Where she started with the first iterations of her product.
  • What testing looks like for a consumable product.
  • How she knew when it was time to hire.
  • How she knew when it was time to expand.
  • How Adi got her brand into big-box stores.
  • How she has built a thriving community around her brand.
  • How she built her influencer program (and her advice for boutiques to do the same).
  • How she has systematized her business to scale.

Resources Featured In This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Adi Arezzini

“Your body needs you to treat it right.” – Adi Arezzini [7:10]

“There are a lot of bad acts in manufacturing.” – Adi Arezzini [11:00]

“You need a really large profit margin because when you do start to scale, that will get eaten up by marketing.” – Adi Arezzini [17:15]

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Original Air Date: August 30th, 2022
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