Making the Most of the Off-Price Show

Making the Most of the Off-Price Show

As a boutique owner, it is incredibly important for you to understand how every part of our industry works. From how patterns or prints come to be to how they move through overseas development and end up in a brand’s warehouse, we need to be on top of it all. So, in this episode, Tricia Barglof will be joining the show to discuss the off-price market—specifically what to expect as the market evolves and how it is currently changing.

Listen in as we explain what an off-price show is, how to shop the show, and its place in our industry. You will learn the massive opportunities you may be missing by not taking advantage of the off-price show, how this may benefit your community, and how this show can allow you to dabble in other categories.

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What You’ll Learn In Making the Most of the Off-Price Show:

  • The importance of understanding every step of product creation.
  • How products end up in the off-price market.
  • The benefit of utilizing the off-price show for your community.
  • How to shop the off-price show.
  • Why the off-price show is such a big deal in our industry.

Favorite Quotes

“People are educating themselves and getting a lot smarter about their pricing strategies in their stores.” – Tricia Barglof [6:40]

“The best way for anyone to dabble in our off-price market is to take one of our tours.”  – Tricia Barglof [13:47]

“Education is king.”  – Tricia Barglof [13:55]


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Original Air Date: February 1st, 2022
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