Growth, Diversification & Re-branding Your Boutique Business

Growth, Diversification & Re-branding Your Boutique Business

Today we are speaking with a boutique owner who not only grew her business, but also gave it a complete re-branding, taking it from one specific niche to another very specific niche. Shelby Lovelace is the founder of The Good Babes Co, a fashion company that focuses on empowering women. In this episode, Shelby shares her story of growth, re-branding and diversification within the boutique world.

Listen in to hear her advice for making changes within your business and how to ensure your social media platforms are catered toward your target audience. You’ll learn where to start when taking photos for your brand, the importance of understanding your customer avatar, and the benefit of diversifying your marketing efforts.

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>> Growth, Diversification & Re-branding Your Boutique Business – LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<
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What You’ll Learn In Growth, Diversification & Re-branding Your Boutique Business:

  • Why Shelby decided to rebrand her business.
  • Her advice for re-branding your business.
  • The importance of focusing on what your customers want to see.
  • How to style your Instagram to boost your sales.
  • How to utilize flash sales to get rid of unwanted stock.
  • Shelby’s tips for photographing your products.
  • Why diversifying your marketing is key.
  • How to prioritize and delegate in your business.
Growth, Diversification & Re-branding Your Boutique Business

Favorite Quotes

“If you’re excited about something, your customer is going to be excited about it.” – Shelby Lovelace [4:44]

“Whatever you are passionate about, do that.” – Shelby Lovelace [5:40]

“Go for quality versus quantity [on Instagram].” – Shelby Lovelace [14:05]


Shelby Lovelace: LinkedIn
THE GOOD BABES CO: Website | Instagram

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Original Air Date: January 25th, 2022
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