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#242 | Off-Price Buying Tricia Barglof, executive director of the OFF PRICE Trade show

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Off-Price Buying for Boutiques

Today Tricia Barglof, executive director of the OFFPRICE Trade Show, joins us for Boutique Chat Episode #242 Off-Price Buying. Buying off-price gives you the opportunity to maximize your profits with off-price buying, by purchasing overstocked/last seasons goods at the lowest price on the market. With the OFFPRICE Trade Show taking place in just a few weeks, Tricia gives us all the tips and tricks to make this a successful buying trip and how off-price buying can benefit your business!

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Main Points:

  1. Buying off-price is a perfect opportunity for creating large profit margins.
  2. Look for areas to maximize your off-price items, such as Black Friday deals, doorbusters, sale promotions, etc!
  3. Do your homework before arriving at the off-price show, just like any other market, it’s easy to be overwhelmed!
#242 |  Off-Price Buying     Tricia Barglof, executive director of the OFF PRICE Trade show

Favorite Quotes:

“We love helping people find new opportunities to make more profit in their business.”-Tricia Barglof

“It used to be a lot of last season trends but now people are producing in-season trends, it’s a lot more common to come to our show and find goods you can place in your store immediately.”-Tricia Barglof

Join the boutique hub team for an on-site tour of OFFPRICE Tradeshow on Tuesday, February 4, at 1:00 pm at the wholesale entrance!

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Original Air Date: January 21st, 2019
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