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Creating Engaging Live Retail Sales & Building a Memorable Brand

Episode #213: Allison Albritton, the Founder of InStyle Auctions & Boutique, tells us how she created a known brand with a staple look that was memorable since 2012. Retail sales were one of her driving forces. Building into multiple sales channels and an app, Allison goes into detail on why she loves live sales using Comment Sold & giving her customers choices. Any boutique owner will love all the useful info Allison gives us on owning a growing business and being a busy mom!

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“It’s real important to upfront with your employees and tell them what you expect. Put those expectations on paper!”- Allison

“Wherever you’re at, we all have problems. We all have issues, they just vary at different levels.”- Allison

“It’s important to be yourself. Be who you are and try to meet the needs of your customers.”- Allison


  1. Having a brand with your set style. No matter what, the customer can distinguish you from other brands.
  2. Always be prepared. Take time to diversify your sales channels.
  3. We can always be working. Find that time to discount and choose time to spend with your family.

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Original Air Date: May 21, 2019
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