Spreading Happiness Through Handwriting

If I could bundle up this conversation and all its good vibes for you, I 1000% would! Today I’m excited to chat with Maghon Taylor, artist and owner of All She Wrote Notes, member of The Boutique Hub and Retail Bootcamp, and an absolute ray of sunshine. She has an incredible business that I am so excited to dive into today and get the lowdown on licensing and so much more!

Get comfortable and listen in as we dissect how Maghon built her business as an artist, how she grew with licensing agreements as not only a retailer, but also with a showroom, a wholesale company, and an eCommerce site, and how she has scaled without accumulating debt along the way. She also shares what she has learned about scaling her brand, how video marketing has helped her exposure, and how she has leveraged the media to grow her brand – all without spending a dime.

>>Spreading Happiness Through Handwriting– LISTEN NOW ON iTunes <<
>>Spreading Happiness Through Handwriting– LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<
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What You’ll Learn From Spreading Happiness Through Handwriting

  • How Maghon discovered she had the gift of art.
  • The pain points she experienced with monetizing her gift. 
  • Why she decided to build a licensing brand.
  • How licensing agreements work. 
  • What she has learned about scaling her brand.
  • How video marketing has been an asset to her brand.
  • How she has leveraged media to grow her brand.

Resources Featured In This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Maghon Taylor

“My mission is spreading happiness through my handwriting.” – Maghon Taylor [4:55]

“I was just creating for the fun and the joy of it.” – Maghon Taylor [5:10]

“Not having all your eggs in one basket has been a hard lesson.” – Maghon Taylor [9:15]

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Original Air Date: October 18th, 2022
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