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Using Story to Grow Your Business with Lyn Graft, founder of Storytelling for Entrepreneurs

Every great story has the potential to not only help you build relationships and brand authenticity but also to sell your products. Which is why I am so excited to chat this week with Storytelling for Entrepreneurs founder Lyn Graft about how you can use story to help grow your business.

A serial entrepreneur and video producer, Lyn has worked with hundreds of big brands, events and some of the most successful companies on the planet — including Starbucks, SXSW, Dell, Samsung, Whole Foods, Zappos, Crossfit and many, many more.

He shares his experiences working with high-profile entrepreneurs, the lessons he’s learned as a producer, and his inside secrets to storytelling and mastering the art of video.

Resources Featured In This Episode:

>>Using Story to Grow Your Business – LISTEN NOW ON iTunes <<
>>Using Story to Grow Your Business– LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<

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Using Story to Grow Your Business with Lyn Graft, founder of Storytelling for Entrepreneurs

  • The purpose and power of entrepreneurial storytelling
  • The types of stories you should be capturing
  • How to craft them
  • Ways to leverage your founding, brand and customer stories
  • The value of video

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Original Air Date: October 3, 2023
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