Vendor Tips for Exhibiting at Market During COVID-19

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Vendor Tips for Exhibiting at Market During COVID-19

There has been a lot of uncertainty with the regulations, dates, and what apparel markets will look like this year. With COVID-19 still affecting us, it’s hard to say what the future will hold. The Boutique Hub Team is here to help keep you updated and share our advice on how you can navigate through these unforeseen times.

Many of you may have heard the news announced from Atlanta Apparel; the show will go on for Atlanta Apparel without a tradeshow (temporaries) component. Our team will be speaking with the management of Atlanta to see if any options are available to you, our Boutique Hub Brand Family.

Atlanta Apparel Dates Remain:

o August Atlanta Apparel, August 4-8

o Atlanta Market (Gift & Home), August 13-18

We will try our hardest to see if they can offer you any temporary space in the showrooms. We can not promise anything but will do our best because many of the visitors to market attend the show to see the temps. Moving forward, you have to be prepared for what is about to happen in Dallas. This is the only major show left and our gut feeling is that this could very well be the last show of the year. Here are our thoughts on what everyone needs to do:

  • All hands on deck! You have to have enough staffing to help every customer that comes into your booth. Have as many of the reps from your company there to help. You can not afford to walk a single customer at this show! Bring something to eat or make arrangements for catering to deliver food daily to your booth or showroom.
  • Masks are mandatory! We suggest bringing a fan for your booth to give customers relief as well as water and snacks since food and drink lines will be long.
  • Bring an extra set of samples of your best sellers! There is nothing more frustrating missing out on selling a best seller because someone else had the sample.
  • Entice your customers with Early Bird Specials for Fall and Holiday collections. You have to convey a sense of urgency when you’re working with your customers… this might be the last show of the year!
  • Make appointments! Appointments will be important at this show! Make sure your top 20% of customers who account for 80% of your business are contacted first and you lock down those appointments first!
  • Western Market in progress! You have another group of customers at market! If you have anything that they might be interested in, make sure it’s displayed in an important area of your booth or showroom.
  • Invest in lighting. Make your booth stand out by making sure your booth is well lit.
  • Engage with our Boutique Bosses on The Hub! You have several weeks to engage with our members and let them know that you can work with them in Atlanta, Dallas, or virtually. It is so important for you to reach out to your customers now!

If you need any more information or help please feel free to contact anyone on our Hub team! We are here to help

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