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Diversity In Retail

Diversity In Retail

Today on the Boutique Chat Podcast DeAnna McIntosh, Founder and Global Retail + E-commerce Consultant at The Affinity Group International, joins us for Diversity in Retail. Aside from being a retail expert, DeAnna also started Diversify Retail, an organization built to increase diversity in all facets of the retail industry. This conversation may be a hard one to start, but is the most important one we can have. DeAnna goes over how you start being more diverse in your business, what steps can be taken if you don’t live in a diverse region, and how we can better educate ourselves about race & the inequality taking place today. This episode is a must for EVERYONE to hear, so tune in now for this life-changing episode!

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  1. You value diversity and want these values implemented in your business, but it’s important to make sure your employees have these values as well so your whole team can work together. 
  2. Does your company represent these values? Does your social media, website, and products represent these values?
  3. Staying silent is the most damaging thing you can do. Reach out to those who feel comfortable talking to you on this topic on how you can speak out through your business. And most importantly educate yourself!


“Take that first step and have that hard conversation and it will change your life, I promise.” -DeAnna

“Silence and neutrality don’t exist on this topic.” -Ashley

Where to find and follow DeAnna:

Instagram: @theaffinitygroup

Diversify Retail Website: https://diversifyretail.com/


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Original Air Date: July 14th, 2020
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