What to Wear: The Boutique Summit 2022

Can you believe we’re only 2 months away from the Boutique Summit?! We’re pretty shocked ourselves, but so ready to see you all in person in Dallas, Texas! If you’re anything like us, you’re already making lists of what you’ll need to bring, including what to wear.

Oh, girl, trust us, we don’t think you’re being vain by worrying about that little detail, after all, we represent the boutique fashion industry! At the same time, we’re all too familiar with having seven days worth of dry shampoo in our hair and not making it out of our sweatpants for days on end. The most important thing is, there isn’t any pressure. If you want to dress to the nine’s, go for it. If you’d rather just throw on some jeans and a comfy shirt, nobody is going to judge!

For Sunday and Monday during the Summit, the dress code is “boutique casual”. You’ll want to pack comfortable outfits since you’ll be sitting most of the day, but don’t let that stop you from letting your personal style shine! When it comes down to it, you are the best representation of your boutique and/or brand, and we want your Summit style to reflect that!

Outfit inspiration via Pinterest

For the Monday night soiree, the dress code is “cocktail & fun”! What does that mean? Anything that makes you feel AMAZING! This is your one night to fulfill your fairy tale dreams of wearing that gorgeous drama-filled dress you’ve been eyeing on Instagram!

Outfit inspiration via Pinterest

We checked the weather report and Dallas weather is expected to be about 70 degrees in the day. So, although we’ll be in the climate-controlled buildings of market, you’ll want to take those temperatures into consideration when packing.

Here are some past outfits from our past Boutique Summits!

We can’t wait to see you all in Dallas!

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