What Vendors Wish Boutique Owners Knew To Be Successful

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What Vendors Wish Boutique Owners Knew To Be Successful

Calling all boutique owners and wholesale brands! This is an episode you won’t want to miss! Today we’re joined by Molly Wilson, one of the brightest minds in the industry, as well as the founder of Molly & You and BEST of Show. If you’ve been around the Boutique Hub for long enough, you probably recognize her name from her incredibly valuable feedback and support for fellow community members. 

Listen in as Molly gives her perspective from the vendor side and shares valuable tips and takeaways on forming partnerships that will create long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships between vendors and retailers. We also dive into her experience, from running a top-performing retail store and starting her own gourmet food brand to launching BEST of Show, a wholesale vendor for U.S. retailers. This is such an honest and straightforward conversation that is absolutely jam-packed with wisdom, so make sure you don’t miss it!

>> What Vendors Wish Boutique Owners Knew To Be Successful – LISTEN NOW ON iTunes <<
>> What Vendors Wish Boutique Owners Knew To Be Successful – LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<
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What You’ll Learn From What Vendors Wish Boutique Owners Knew To Be Successful

  • How Molly got into the industry. 
  • The evolution of Molly & You.
  • The three biggest lessons Molly learned during her brand’s growth. 
  • How a growing brand can balance a great product with a great experience.
  • How BEST of Show was born.
  • How the boutique industry is changing.
  • What every boutique owner should know.
  • The most important question that boutiques should be asking vendors.

Favorite Quotes

“Abundance mindset is really leveraging the abundance of someone else to be open to receiving it yourself.” – Molly Wilson [9:25]

“We want to drive people to stores because I love American retail. I want American retail to stay strong.” – Molly Wilson [15:50]

“Know when you’re at a pain point, hear it, and then figure out what to do about it. If you ignore those pain points, you’re going to miss those opportunities to grow.” – Molly Wilson [17:30]

“Don’t try to do everything at once.” – Molly Wilson [41:20]

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Original Air Date: May 3rd, 2022
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