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10 Style-Inspiring Pieces from Vintage Boutiques

Vintage boutiques are the place to shop. Why? Vintage pieces are irreplaceable and give your own individual edge! Nowhere else are you going to find a funky patterned vintage top or some original 70’s flare jeans. The pure thrill of finding that one piece like no other makes thrift shopping totally worth it! And another plus to thrifting, you can score some major deals on such rare pieces!

There are a few important reminders when shopping vintage. Always check the measurements. Times have changed and so has sizing! Also don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions. You want to make sure you’re getting the quality you’re paying for! And lastly, have patience. Shopping vintage can take some time, but the feeling of finding that to die for piece– priceless.

All those hours spent sifting through clothes can make thrift shopping a bit of a chore. These boutiques made your job of thrifting a little easier. They’ve got a great eye for some amazing pieces, don’t be afraid to splurge on some unique and timeless items!

Feathers Boutique | The Boutique Hub

Feathers Boutique

Charm School Vintage | The Boutique Hub

Charm School Vintage

Maeberry Vintage | The Boutique Hub

Maeberry Vintage

 Laloupe Vintage | The Boutique Hub

Laloupe Vintage

Garmet | The Boutique Hub


Noirohio Vintage | The Boutique Hub

Noirohio Vintage

Gypsetit Girl | The Boutique Hub

Gypsetit Girl

 Vagabondia Vintage | The Boutique Hub

Vagabondia Vintage

Closet Case Vintage | The Boutique Hub

Closet Case Vintage

Retromended Vintage | The Boutique Hub

Retromended Vintage 

Know of any other great vintage boutique locations? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us in our Shop The Best Boutiques Facebook group, you can even post an ISO (In Search Of) in the group to find more from hundreds of boutiques inside.

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