6 Ways to Celebrate Pink Friday

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6 Ways to Celebrate Pink Friday

Today on the #BoutiqueChat Podcast our host Ashley Alderson, CEO of The Boutique Hub, does a solo episode on 6 Ways to Celebrate Pink Friday. Pink Friday, created by The Boutique Hub, is a small business spin on the traditional Black Friday shopping experience, reminding people to #ShopSmallFirst. Ashley goes over how boutique owners can participate, tips on how to get your customers involved, and where you can get all the resources to prepare for Pink Friday. Tune in now to get all the details! 

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Key Points:

  1. Pink Friday takes place on November 20th, before all the big box stores run their Black Friday specials.
  2. Pink Friday is for EVERYONE who is a small business owner. Hub member or not. And it’s completely free!
  3. Give your message before giving out your promotions. People remember not what they bought from you, but how you made them feel. 

Favorite Quotes

“Out of all the years, we find 2020 is the year where our society is valuing shopping small first because they know it makes a difference.” -Ashley Alderson

“Don’t feel like you have to run a huge blanket sale to get noticed, because that’s not what matters. It’s about raising your voice and talking to your community about why shopping small first is important and what shopping small first means to your community.” -Ashley Alderson

“It’s the value that you add to people’s lives that really matters. People remember not what they bought from, but they remember how you made them feel.” -Ashley Alderson

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Resources Mentioned:

Free Holiday Webinar: https://retailbootcamp.mykajabi.com/holiday-marketing-webinar

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Original Air Date: November 10th, 2020
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