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Wild Bleu | The Boutique Hub

An Icon of Western Fashion: Meet Wild Bleu

There are some names who become synonymous with a style, a genre, a feeling or a moment in time.  Well this Texas boutique has securely established itself as a leader and an icon among western fashion – Texas Femme, Southern Vogue. We wanted to hear the story behind Wild Bleu and it’s undeniable attraction for so many. Wild Bleu was originally founded by Tierney and Leslie Wells-Hale, who is still

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The Hidden Trunk | The Boutique Hub

Finding a great boutique is like a treasure hunt: Meet The Hidden Trunk

Sometimes owning a boutique means having not only a love of fashion, but also combining your passion for entrepreneurship, marketing, teaching and impacting the lives of children through charities. We recently met up with Allene Pennington, owner of The Hidden Trunk, a gem of a boutique with fun, trendy pieces at really great prices.  Allene runs The Hidden Trunk as an online boutique with numerous pop-up shops, while also teaching

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The Boutique Owner's Guide to Email Marketing Welcome Series Automation | The Boutique Hub

Email Marketing For Boutique Owners

Email Marketing For Boutique Owners. The Boutique Owner’s Guide to Automated Customer Welcome Emails Do you remember what it’s like to date someone before you marry them?  You have to build a relationship, surprise and delight them, establish trust, and keep them coming back for more.  The same is true in retail.  It’s rare that someone buys the first time they meet you, so it’s up to YOU to warm

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Ashley Alderson | The Boutique Hub

Why not being YOU is hurting your boutique.

“Authenticity is hella sexy.”   You know those quotes we all download to share again on Instagram and Facebook?  That quote has somehow become my favorite one even though I’ve only used it once. I have no idea why, it’s not like I use the word sexy a whole lot – but I think it’s just a great reminder of what being REAL is all about. When we first get started

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Boutique Business Tips | The Boutique Hub

Perfect Packaging For A Boutique

Increasing Customer Value: Boutique Packaging Creating a memorable customer experience is a process that covers numerous touch points across a period of time.  For brick and mortar boutiques, there are far more opportunities to create a lasting branded customer experience than there are for ecommerce stores. If you’re in ecommerce, creating a deliberate, thoughtful, unboxing experience is one of the most important and direct ways you can either stand out

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12 Months of Holiday Promotions | The Boutique Hub

Boutique Holiday Promotions

Boutique Holiday Promotions for the entire year. Learn how to promote your boutique business all year long. Each year as January rolls around, we get excited about mapping out the year ahead. Everything from the goals, plans and ideas, right down to the plan of action and editorial calendar.   Each new year is a new opportunity to evaluate past performance and layout a fresh marketing perspective. For many businesses, it’s

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Tasha Polizzi | The Boutique Hub

Rodeo on the Runway: How the American West is Shaping Mainstream Fashion

Mainstream fashionistas are looking to America’s western history for closet inspiration, and we do not blame them in the least.  American culture, at its core, is the most diverse of any nation on the planet; and the West is no different. Our Country was established by individuals from all cultures, each with their own impressive choice of fashions.  Over time, our cowboy heroes took the best aspects of each culture’s

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Coulee Creek | The Boutique Hub

The Northern Queens of Western Fashion: Meet Coulee Creek

You don’t have to be from Texas to be a major western fashion retailer, this booming boutique proves it. We are thrilled to catch up with Melanie Luger, the #BoutiqueBoss behind North Dakota-based, Coulee Creek. With two storefronts (one in New Town, the other in Bismarck) and a website, Coulee Creek is a bigtime player in the world of western fashions. Carrying high-end lines like Double D Ranchwear and Old

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Sonora Boots | The Boutique Hub

Made for Women, by Women: Meet Sonora Boots

Watch out, there’s a new pair of boots in town… We are excited to meet the fresh new face of footwear, Sonora, a brand of boots and accessories made for women, by women.  Sonora has make a splash on the scene of many western boutiques in 2016 and we can’t wait to see what the company creates next! Sonora is owned by HHBrown Shoe Company, which also produces brands such

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Rebel With Cause | The Boutique Hub

New Boots In Town: Meet Rebel With Cause

Founded in 2015, Rebel With Cause might be the new kid on the block, but they’ve climbed the ladder of success in record time. Designing women’s boots, handbags and luxury accessories from their offices in Fort Worth, TX, it’s easy to see why the brand has a European meets western charm. We sat down with Founder and CEO, Ivet Taneva, who has an inspiring vision for Rebel With Cause, and

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