Boutique Chat: The #1 Boutique Podcast

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Boutique Chat: The #1 Boutique Podcast

The Boutique Chat Podcast first launched on February 21st, 2018 and now we are the #1 Boutique Podcast in the industry. We are so excited to announce that we have hit 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS!

The Boutique Chat podcast contains real-life strategies, growth hacks, proven marketing advice, and interviews of top leaders for boutique fashion industry businesses.  Ashley Alderson, Boutique Hub Founder, talks with retailers, boutiques, wholesale brands & vendors, industry insiders to bring you the proven, juicy secrets that have helped companies rise to the top, and balance life and business. Join the spirit of Community over Competition, and find the next idea or connection for your business.

We have had the honor of welcoming some amazing guests on the podcast. These educated and experienced leaders within the fashion, marketing, and boutique industry offered top-notch advice. New subscriber to the podcast? These are episodes you definitely do not want to miss! Even if you are a regular listener, grab a pen and paper and take some notes the second time around!

Boutique Chat: The #1 Boutique Podcast

Since we launched in 2018 we have hit some incredible milestones:

  • 3 Seasons 
  • 170 Episodes 
  • 1 million downloads
  • 100+ Guests
  • Over 500+ 5 star reviews
  • Thousands of boutique owner and business owners lives CHANGED! But this could only was accomplished because of support of our listeners and community at the Boutique Hub.
Boutique Chat: The #1 Boutique Podcast

We want to thank our listeners for all their support over the years with a giveaway! Follow these steps to enter:

Boutique Chat: The #1 Boutique Podcast

Giveaway Details

Basket 1: 

  • Free Yearly Membership to the Hub 
  • $25 Visa Gift Card 
  • Swag
  • 15 min podcast interview (optional)

Value: $600+

Basket 2:

  • Holiday Marketing Masterclass
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  • Content Sanity Masterclass
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The podcast team and everyone here at The Hub can’t explain enough how appreciative we are for all of the reviewers and subscribers. Because of you, we are able to continue to produce helpful and relative content to all the #BoutiqueBosses out there! We are incredibly humbled and grateful for this journey, and can’t wait for you all to see what’s up next.

Meet the Host, Ashley Alderson

Boutique Chat: The #1 Boutique Podcast
Ashley Alderson, Boutique Chat Host, and founder of The Boutique Hub

Hailing from a small town in the midwest, Ashley always envisioned a place to shop all the boutiques she loved, in one spot online. In 2013 when she started to build this platform, now known as, she realized that more important than a tool was a community and a voice for the boutique industry.

Today, The Boutique Hub connects boutique owners with every possible tool, training, wholesale brand, and resource they could need. The Hub connects the global boutique industry. Serving thousands of boutique owners, eCommerce stores, wholesale brands, and service providers across 50 US States and 6 Countries, The Boutique Hub has been recognized as one of the top 10 fastest growing companies in the midwest and featured in INC, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

Ashley is a busy wife to her hubby Eric and mom to 3 awesome kids. She’s a sports mom, loves basketball, rodeo, football, and any opportunity to be outside. She’s also a motivational speaker, cancer survivor, agriculture advocate, barrel racer, and a 7 figure entrepreneur. Someone once told her, ‘good luck with your little project’, and ever since, she’s vowed to be a voice for anyone with a big dream!

And she isn’t slowing down anytime soon! Be on the lookout for Season 4 of the Boutique Chat Podcast, launching December 28th, 2021!

Join the Hub for more training, information, and connections.

Use the hashtag #AskAshley on Instagram, or tag her at @ajalderson or @theboutiquehub to suggest topics for the podcast and let us know what you thought about this episode!

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