BoutiqueChat Ep #01 - 3 Keys to Success in Retail Today + Show Intro, Meet Ashley Alderson

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Boutique Chat Episode #1: 3 Keys to Success In Fashion Retail & Meet The Hostess

It is finally here! We have been so excited to finally share the big news, welcome to the #BoutiqueChat Podcast!!

Join us each week, Tuesdays as we dive into actionable strategies, proven business and marketing plans, juicy details and interviews with the leaders of the boutique fashion and retail communities.

We’ll be hearing from leading brands, boutiques, influencers, tech leaders, industry insiders and experts, as well as from our Founder Ashley Alderson, on what it takes to hit your stride in the fashion retail industry today!

What is The Boutique Hub? We are a two-sided connection point for the fashion industry. We help consumers discover and shop boutiques worldwide, while we connect the industry behind boutique fashion. We are the voice and home of the industry, connecting retailers, wholesalers, designers, service providers, showrooms, bloggers and insiders to connect, collaborate, find expert training, wholesale shopping, live events and the latest in news and strategy in boutique retail.

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In our first episode, we’re kicking off the podcast with our host Ashley, hearing more about the show guests, The Boutique Hub, and most importantly, 3 actionable strategies for retail industry success today.

This show is dedicated to our close-knit community at These selfless entrepreneurs support one another in the most uplifting spirit of Community Over Competition daily. With this show, we want to honor our community, celebrate their wins, bring them tips and strategies to build to the next level and to inspire them in and out of the business.  This one is your YOU #BoutiqueBosses!

Perhaps it was her wild imagination as a kid that led her to believe that Kenny Rogers was her imaginary friend or some creative juice that lived deep inside, that later led her to start building The Boutique Hub, the world’s largest boutique fashion community.  Either way, there’s never a dull moment.

Pairing her love of fashion, turquoise and shoes she found at boutiques around the world, together with her background in retail, marketing, and economic development, Ashley lives daily to serve entrepreneurs in the fashion retail industry.  She is a coach, speaker, and mentor, who loves working daily with her team at The Boutique Hub and thousands of boutique owners, brands and insiders to find strategies to grow their brands and business.

– Enjoy the journey! Don’t just focus on the end goal.
– 1000 superfans are better than 100,000 followers. Don’t get lost in vanity metrics.
– People want to do business with people. Be the face of your business.
– Serve before you sell on social media.
– The four-legged stool of owning a boutique: buying & style, marketing, team, financials.
– Don’t just track your numbers, analyze them.
– Support your competition, minute 13:15 to hear why.

3:47 – About your host & The Boutique Hub
8:13 – 1,000 superfans is always better than 100,000 followers.
10:26 – Cash is king. Know your financials.
11:36 – Letting your numbers tell you the story of what’s working in your business.
13:15 – #CommunityOverCompetition


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Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2018


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