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Episode #17: What 20+ Years in a Successful Boutique Teaches you About Retail + Basketball, with Sara Burks, The Boutique Hub

MaCandis Boutique was open for more than 67 years, where Sara Burks, Director of Partnerships & Education at The Boutique Hub, started working in high school. Skip forward a few years, with a Masters in Business Administration Sara Burks purchased and operated the store for 20+ years.  

From managing your team, inventory and reporting key metrics, and mastering customer service, Sara is sharing with us her secrets to success. Plus, what retail and basketball have in common…and it’s pretty smart!

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Sara Burks has been in the boutique industry for over 20 years and has a Master’s in Business Administration. As The Boutique Hub’s Director of Education & Partnerships, she will share her practical knowledge of the boutique business with Hub members. On top of her boutique experience, Sara is a rodeo coach, started a jewelry brand, is a wife, and a mom of two girls.



  • Training your employees for success.
  • Key inventory and financial metrics to watch weekly.
  • What retail and basketball have in common if you want to win!
  • How prejudging your customers like Pretty Woman happens, and how to stop it.
  • Successful partnerships with wholesale vendors and reps.

02:10 – Customer service is key, here’s why.
7:20 – Transitioning from employee to employer, what to know.
13:30 – How Community over Competition works locally.
19:45 – Pricepoint. Stop being cheap.
24:20 – Business is a game. You have to practice.
30:10 – Work+mom balance.
40:00 – Advice for all those starting

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Original Air Date: May 29, 2018
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