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Texas True Threads | The Boutique Hub

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Texas True Threads: Brands We Love

When you’re looking to add a new wholesale brand to your lineup, we know that quality and top notch customer service are two very important qualities. Those qualities, among others, are characteristics of Texas True Threads, a brand based out of Spearman, Texas. Created by husband and wife team Chad and Mendy Riggins, Texas True Threads has everything from graphic tees to kimonos and cardigans, all designed to be worn on their own, and also to be paired together.

We’re so excited to show you just a few of Texas True Threads new offerings from their western and patriotic collections, as well as a new exclusive line for Fall!

Texas True Threads | The Boutique Hub
Texas True Threads | The Boutique Hub
Texas True Threads | The Boutique Hub
Texas True Threads | The Boutique Hub

All Texas True Threads kimonos and cardigans come in packs of 6, most are $16 each. Western watercolor tees $13 each, minimum of 8 per order–these are in stock and available to ship same day.  

Texas True Threads | The Boutique Hub

Coming exclusively from Texas True Threads for the fall season—a line that boasts fashionable game day chic apparel in team colors. Expect to see a wide variety of blouses, rompers, pants, and cardigans in game day colors!

Texas True Threads  zip code protects their customers and requires orders of 2 designs per month to maintain ordering privileges. If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit their website. If you’re going to be at Atlanta for The Boutique Summit, you’ll be able to shop Texas True Threads in our Vendor Marketplace! To schedule a market appointment, you can do so by following this link.  


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