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Building a Multi-Channel Brand

If you had to choose one person in the whole as your boutique crush, who would it be? Today I am excited to have my own personal boutique crush on the show, Megan DiVincenzo, the Founder of Sis Kiss and a repeat guest on the podcast. Megan is so incredibly smart and talented and has built an amazing brand that is so much more than a product or wholesale line, and I’m excited to get into how she did it and where she is today on her brand journey.

Get comfortable and listen in as Megan shares how she has managed to build a true multi-channel brand, what’s going on behind the scenes at Sis Kiss, and what it’s like going viral. We also discuss the importance of rest and taking care of yourself as a business owner and get the lowdown on Megan’s new podcast, which you definitely won’t want to miss!

>>Building a Multi-Channel Brand– LISTEN NOW ON iTunes <<
>>Building a Multi-Channel Brand– LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<
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What You’ll Learn From Building a Multi-Channel Brand

  • How Sis Kiss has changed since Megan’s first appearance on the podcast.
  • What it really means to go viral.
  • The importance of setting boundaries.
  • What it was like selling on QVC.
  • How to start thinking bigger with your brand.

Resources Featured In This Episode:

Megan DiVincenzo: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Podcast

The Skinny Confidential Podcast

Favorite Quotes from Megan DiVincenzo

“It was the right influencer at the right time.” – Megan DiVincenzo [4:00]

“How can anyone be an amazing boss if you can’t listen to what people need or have to say?” – Megan DiVincenzo [11:20]

“Everything is branded, from my poly mailers to our stickers to when you walk into our warehouse. Everything is Instagram-worthy.” – Megan DiVincenzo [22:15]

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Original Air Date: November 8th, 2022
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