Building a Wholesale Brand that Caters to Small Businesses

Today on the Boutique Chat Podcast Jentry Benke, CEO of Crazy Train Wholesale, joins us for Building a Wholesale Brand that Caters to Small Businesses. Jentry goes over topics such as why she has chosen to do lower minimums and open packs, the controversy of pre-orders, and how a tragic event changed how she runs her business. But that’s not all, tune in to get all the details!

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Episode Run-Down:

00:01:35 Crazy Train Background
00:06:12 Pre Packs
00:09:23 Minimums
00:11:50 Inventory Management
00:16:00 Pre-orders
00:22:00 Car Accident
00:26:10 Team Management
00:29:57 Building Customer Relationships

Main Points

  1. Low minimums can help the small business owner start their business without excess inventory or high levels of debt.
  2. Pre-orders can be a big risk with not a lot of reward. 
  3.  Your team should always be prepared to take over if you are unable to.

Building a Wholesale Brand that Caters to Small Businesses

Favorite Quotes

“You can do anything you put your mind to, as long as you are mindful of adapting.” -Jentry Benke

“There are endless opportunities out there and sometimes it takes change to bring success.” -Jentry Benke

“When your world comes crashing down I think the worse thing you can do is make it worse by throwing in the towel.” -Jentry Benke

Resources Mentioned:

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Where to find Jentry: 


Instagram: @crazytrainclothing

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Original Air Date: March 10th, 2020
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