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Today Julie Allen, owner of Mary Rose Boutique and Mary Rose Foundation, joins us to discuss starting your own business and foundation. Her mission is all about spreading a positive message within the community around her and changing lives in the process. The most crucial point Julie brings up in today’s episode is how important it is to have a WHY behind your business. You won't want to miss Julie Allen's amazing and inspiring story! And as a heads up for our listeners, today’s episode discusses battling eating disorders and mental illness. 

Our annual Gift Guide for the #BoutiqueBoss is here! Trust us, your favorite #BoutiqueBoss is looking for one of these items under the tree this year! You haven’t seen Holiday Hustle until you walk into a small business during the months of November and December. #BoutiqueBosses are extra busy during this time of year putting together amazing gifts to give and helping their customers mark items off of their holiday wish lists.

Maximize pop-ups and events for your boutique, brand or retail business! Let's drive more foot and e-commerce traffic post-event, and grow your retail CLV in the process!   

Whether you’re new to setting up at vendor events and pop-ups, hosting Holiday pop-ups, attend trade shows, or are a seasoned veteran with booths and events at multiple fairs and festivals year-round, let’s make sure you are using the latest retail display and merchandising tips and event marketing strategies to get the most out of your experience.

Today we're talking about all things #BoutiqueStyle with one of our favorite ladies, Nikki Casey, Director of Style at The Boutique Hub. As you all might know, The Boutique Hub had their major site split earlier this year, and we couldn't be more pumped! Nikki is here to give us all the ins and outs of our new site Boutique.Style. You’ll get to learn about how this site will help shoppers find a simpler way to discover your boutique and help them find unique, trustworthy business to buy from. We got to create an amazing win-win scenario for both shoppers and boutique owners!

We hope you've been enjoying our #ShopSmall Series! Our Thanksgiving weekend marketing playbook will assure you are prepared ahead of time! After you’ve taken the time to craft great offers, a few simple Facebook posts after Thanksgiving dinner aren’t going to reach your shoppers in time to reel them in! They will already have made up their mind where they want to shop!  Use the Thanksgiving Weekend Boutique Marketing Playbook to reach your shoppers.