Today Marie Earthman, boutique owner and mom, joins us to talk about the importance of taking care of your mental health in the retail business. Marie gives us her background on fighting a lifelong battle with depression and anxiety while managing to have a beautiful family and grow a well known Texas boutique. Though today's topic is a hard one, it's one that needs to be more widely talked about. Mental health issues affect so...

The Holidays are coming!!! Are you ready? Ashley Alderson gives you the #BoutiqueTips you need for Holiday Marketing Mastery. So you can create the holiday season in your business that you actually want!

As boutique owners, we often focus on making everyone else's holiday enjoyable and we forget about our own! Make it your best year yet with these maximizing strategies!

This blog post is the first in our guest series with wholesale marketplace Tundra! We’re thrilled to partner with them and bring insights about key trends in wholesale to you along with business building tips from the Hub.

The Holidays are just around the corner and we have a few great insider tips to share on how to get your store in great shape for a huge fourth-quarter -- including the inside scoop from our friends at Tundra! If you haven’t heard of Tundra, it’s the modern wholesale marketplace where you can find over 100,000 products from US and Canadian brands, with free shipping! (Also we have a great deal from Tundra just for our Boutique Hub members -- find out more at our Perks and Discounts page)

We asked the Tundra team to dig into their data and give us a sneak peek of unique products that are trending for the upcoming Holiday season and they shared these gems with us:

<Guest Blog Post> Managing your store without a POS system in place is a difficult thing to do. Part of any good POS system is its ability to structure your inventory into departments and classes. Breaking up of your store into smaller segments departments will allow you to respond faster to the market and as a result, be able to buy smarter. Since most POS systems have some sort of department structure in place you have...

6 Tips To Improve Your Digital Sales Strategy

I originally gave this talk in Las Vegas at the breakfast at WWIN about why your social media is not engaging. I know that this topic, and how to get everything all scheduled without pulling your freaking hair out are two HUGE stressors for most of you.

So let's start here.

In order to keep your social media from being ignored, you must understand how to make the algorithm work for you, using the Content Recipe to build relationships, your role as a Style Educator, and the Content Sanity Method.