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Cutting Your Shipping Losses with Kyle Rooney, Partnerships Manager at Route

Cutting Your Shipping Losses with Kyle Rooney, Partnerships Manager at Route Shipping Insurance

Today Kyle Rooney, partnerships manager at Route, joins us for today’s episode Cutting Your Shipping Losses. One of the biggest headaches a business owner can face is damaged, stolen, or lost packages. Route as come up with a solution to solve shipping losses for both the consumer and the business owner. Route does not only have a revolutionary way of insuring your shipped products, but it also has an app so you can visually track your packages, anytime, anywhere. To find out more about how you can save you time and money with Route shipping insurance, tune into today’s Boutique Chat episode!

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Cutting your Shipping losses | Boutique Chat
Cutting your Shipping losses | Boutique Chat


  1. The cost of route package insurance is only 1% of the consumer’s purchase price and free for the merchant.
  2. Instead of you dealing with the loss of damaged, stolen, or lost package and taking the time to deal with the customer, Route deals directly with the consumer to resolve the problem.
  3. Having a positive shipping experience creates loyalty with your customers.


“Route is a tool to bring your brand back to you.” -Kyle Rooney

“We are going to help you get rid of shipping loss; we are going to make sure your customers have a good experience and keep them shopping with you!” -Kyle Rooney

“We are  here as a tool to help boutiques keep customers loyal have a smooth experience and make sure the money is going where it should which is small business owners.” -Kyle Rooney

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Original Air Date: December 17th, 2019
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