How To Grow Your eCommerce Store in 2022 with Neil Patel

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How To Grow Your eCommerce Store in 2022

Neil Patel is arguably one of the greatest minds in digital marketing, and if you’ve ever searched online for eCommerce or SEO solutions, chances are you’ve run across one of his companies. A New York Times bestselling author, Neil was named a top influencer on the web by the Wall Street Journal and recognized as a top entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama, among so much more. 

He joins the show today to break down how to grow your email list, how to grow an affiliate marketing campaign, and how to make your SEO actually work for you. Listen in to learn what it takes to scale through paid ads, as well as how to get more exposure online. Grab a notebook and get ready to learn from Neil’s incredible insight!

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What You’ll Learn From How To Grow Your eCommerce Store in 2022

  • Neil’s advice for new eCommerce store owners.
  • How to make paid ads work for you.
  • Where the focus should be for established eCommerce owners.
  • How to get started with conversion optimization.
  • What the most common missed opportunities are for eCommerce stores.
  • How to optimize conversions on your homepage.
  • The importance of knowing—and improving—your page speed.
  • How to optimize your content and leverage keywords.
  • How to use backlinks to your advantage.
  • The SEO must-haves for 2022.

How To Grow Your eCommerce Store in 2022 with Neil Patel

Favorite Quotes

“You should start with one channel, but don’t end with one channel.” – Neil Patel [3:00]

“We see most eCommerce stores do better on the paid side than they do on the organic side.” – Neil Patel [4:40]

“Focus on one thing, get it right, and then expand and do another thing.” – Neil Patel  [13:05]

Resources Featured In This Episode:

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Original Air Date: April 12th, 2022
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