How to Serve Your Ideal Customer

How to Serve Your Ideal Customer

Today on the Boutique Chat Podcast Jasmene Bowdry, CEO of SHIFT StyleHouse & The Boutique Teacher, joins us for How to Serve Your Ideal Customer. Jasmene is a fashion and retail leader with over 12 years of experience from corporate companies to entrepreneurial endeavors. She will go over how to cater to your ideal customer, the secret to a perfect assortment plan, must-have apps for Shopify, collaboration tips, and so much more! Tune in to get all the details from this remarkable retail strategist!

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Key Points:

  1. Know your ideal customer. You can’t serve everyone!
  2. Your assortment should always include basics or staple pieces. 
  3. Looking to others won’t make your business strong, knowing your numbers will!

Favorite Quotes

“Getting direct feedback from your customer is the best feedback you’re ever going to get.” -Jasmene

“Don’t try to follow what everybody else is doing, know your numbers for yourself. Know the reason things are happening in your business is because of the research and due diligence you’ve done.”-Jasmene

“I always recommend to my clients having more staple pieces, having more wearable pieces, and then sprinkling in trends.”-Jasmene

Where to find Jasmene:


Instagram: @jasmenebowdry

Resources mentioned:

Virtual Retail Summit

Holiday Masterclass


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Original Air Date: December 1st, 2020
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